ONE DAY ADVENTURE AT THE MALOM UDVAR (MILL COURT) Monday to Thursday 10:00 am – 16:30 pm 3045 Bér, Táncsics út 9. Malom Udvar

Bér is an end village 83 km away from Budapest,
located at the amphitheatre of hills
of Cserhát in a beautiful valley. Its history
dated back to the XIII century.
The Malom Udvar (Mill Court) is a Hungarian
– Filipino famaily run enterpise specialised
on village turism. The water mill,
restaurant, event room and wellness perfectly
inserted into forestry environment
and making the peace sanctuary.
Monday to Thursday 10:00 am – 16:30 pm
3045 Bér, Táncsics út 9. Malom Udvar
The 252 years old St. Ann water mill powered by a little stream
is an extraordinary attraction. The program we offer for school
children between 6 and 14 brings them back in time and helps
in learning about XVIII century’s technology during operation
and the traditional bread making in an interactive way. An
escorted excursion in the untouched forest along the stream
is a real adventure followed by a wellness making remarkable
PROGRAM: (running in English/Hungarian
• 8:45 Departure from Budapest
• 10:00 County style welcome with freshly
made Hungaricum „pogácsa” and non-alcoholic
• 10:20 Operational presentation of the
252 year old St Ann water mill: wheat
• 11:00 Making hand made pasta for pizza
or flatbread – involving students – children
learn how to knead a dough
• 11:40 Escorted walk along the stream in
the forest (1,5 hour; difficulty is mid-level)
• 13:10 Making pizza in wood-heated
• 14:00 Joint lunch: student made pizza
• 15:00 Student wellnes in swimming suit

3045 Bér TÁNCSICS ÚT 9.


+36 20 938 6935 +36 20 215 0709

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